Call Me Your Girlfriend! {Raura}

Call Me Your Girlfriend! {Raura}

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S By daddyross Updated Dec 28, 2015

{Ross Lynch} is a hot bad boy. He plays almost with every girls heart. Sleeping with them and then dumping them.
{Laura Marano} is a hot chick. Ross could easily fall for her looks but he doesn't. It's the other way around, Laura is falling for Ross. Not just because of how he looks, he is her best friend since day 1 on of high school. On the other hand Ross just sees her as a best friend ,nothing more and nothing less. As he gets a new girlfriend Laura gets super jealous and does everything to get Ross' attention. She even tries to seduce him but he wouldn't give in so easy. He admits it's a great feeling to be treated like that by Laura. But he doesn't want to hurt Laura's feelings like he did with every other girl in his school or at his neighborhood. 

What will happen if they sleep together and Ross feels something for her?
What will happen if he dumps her like every other one?
But what if they end up being the "it" couple in high school?

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LeahLopez_30 LeahLopez_30 Mar 22, 2016
Oh, you don't care, you say? Ok. Can I call you......Jackass?
LeahLopez_30 LeahLopez_30 Mar 22, 2016
That sad moment when you eat a KitKat and it doesn't make the same sound as it does on tv.
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 May 09, 2016
Did you know that there's an author named KitKat? Her real name is @KitKat301
niablair niablair Jan 19, 2016
I freaking love kitkats ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍
PonnyxBoy PonnyxBoy Dec 20, 2015
"No Ally you got it all wrong, you're awesome I did that stuff because you're my friend and I don't want to jeopardise that." 
                              -Austin l A & A - Secrets & Songbook
                              Haha funny he said that and now on Austin and Ally they love each other and like makeout every second....
raurauslly2011 raurauslly2011 Dec 13, 2015
If he'd play basketball than I'd scream "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL TROY BOLTON" *winky face* Gosh, I love hsm hahaha