Mine - A Newt Imagine

Mine - A Newt Imagine

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Another Lost Girl By fandomcrank Completed

You and Newt are seemingly made for each other, you made it through raw torture together and fought like hell to stay that way.
But life rarely plays so fair.
Some problems you just can't overcome.
At least, not alone...

This book does not stay 100% true to The Maze Runner plot, but most things are the same. I own only a few characters and settings such as y/n (your name) and Felix. All rights to the queen James Dashner.

The writing quality does get better just stick with it  :)

Come for the feels, stay for the puns.

That description sounded way to formal, here: Please read my book about a group of boys and yourself where death is always on the menu and 99% of the dialog are sass battles. Good that?

crazy24queen crazy24queen Jul 19, 2016
honestly i love reading this comments and everybody s reaction just made my day lolz
juliette_musician juliette_musician Jul 07, 2016
If that ever happened to me Id be like," You dusty crusty old grandpa ašš bïtch is trying to hurt me? Mmmmm not gonna happen." Then I'd kick him in the balls and be like," YEET!" I would then walk off, tell Alby about what happened, and then go to the kitchen to get some mac'n cheese.
snowbrownie20 snowbrownie20 Feb 18, 2016
At first I read his solid gold chest. How do you do that!? XD
LadyShadowFist LadyShadowFist Dec 27, 2016
Newt's sentence made me think that he's OUAT Peter pan. Lol lmao
bookgirl189 bookgirl189 Nov 16, 2016
OMG I read this part first because I read the first paragraphs and then I thought this was Newt and I WAS SO FRICKIN HAPPY and then I realized it was Gally and then I had a heart attack
brindarulesall brindarulesall Jun 01, 2016