In The Night

In The Night

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Elise Watson By VampireBunny2154 Updated Apr 17, 2017

~ One woman, snatched away in the darkness of the night by The Beiste of Bolham ~

Every full moon the Beast of Bolham awakes, overpowered by the strong hold the moon has over him and unable to deny his natural urges, humanity is shed and the transformation of the beast is complete. Fearful of the Beasts full power the men of the village, armed with swords and flaming torches, collect together for the hunt to chase down the Beast to protect their women and children. 

Over ridden by her curiosity of the strange noises in the forest, Ainslie Clayworth ventures out into the darkness with only a lamp to guide her. But when the flame dies out and she's met with the face of the fearsome beast itself, her curiosity may just be her fatal mistake.


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inspired_spirit inspired_spirit Apr 14, 2017
I like it as you say, " wordy". After all, if it wasn't wordy it wouldn't be much of a story.
MarlenyAgustin MarlenyAgustin Aug 26, 2016
First ill like to apologize for taking so long. Ok, ill start by saying that this caught my attention. This is a perfect example of what a prologue should look like. The choice of words gives it a mature sound. It could have been a little longer but still an amazing start!😀
TheAlienator TheAlienator Aug 03, 2016
this was amazingly written :) 
                              For me, description is what really sets the tone on a story, and yours was really good. I could feel the broodiness; the fear of the men. 
                              Great start!
Fliptasy Fliptasy Aug 11, 2016
Well written! The descriptions really set the immediate mood for me and it kept it going throughout the prologue. Wow and the the tone and pacing was super good! Nice job!
Ms_G_xxx Ms_G_xxx Aug 15, 2016
so i got the message in tainted faith to read this, i'm kind of really interested now given this little taster, i'll read the next couple of chapters and let you know what i think xx
JetSkiLass2173 JetSkiLass2173 Jul 29, 2016
Dude this sounds awesome! Can't wait to read the whole story when you publish it!