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dolansbae By dolansbae Updated Oct 02, 2015

Grayson Dolan; star athlete, Mr. Popularity, total heartthrob, straight up badass, need I mention internet sensation. Your regular kid that let fame get to his head and inflate his ego. The world at his fingertips, with his twin brother Ethan by his side,he has everything he could ever wish for (and more). That is ,until he stumbles upon something (or a girl per-say),that he never knew he wanted but always truly needed.

Warning: Explicit content and language in the fanfic I recommend 13+ or for mature audiences.

 Side note: This story is not an accurate representation or truthful account of the personalities/lifestyle of the Dolan twins. This is a fictional story.

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dolans2017 dolans2017 Nov 27, 2017
I rubbed my eye sockets as the dark ass sky came thru my goddamn curtains
passhon passhon Aug 31, 2017
Hahaha......wait Is this what they really think though....Btw that last sentence is #relatable fr🙄
passhon passhon Aug 31, 2017
Something you don't know.
                              If you didn't get that joke your either thinking to hard or your just not thinking at all.
KinkyDolan KinkyDolan Dec 07, 2016
Wow, you are an amazing writer! All I needed was to read this first paragraph and I'm truly hooked! I hope you make a lot more!
SharleyneFiction SharleyneFiction Feb 01, 2017
I really liked this chapter, I am looking forward to read the next! ;)
yikesdolan yikesdolan Apr 23, 2016
is no one gonna say anything about Jack Gilinsky?? nope? no one? ok bye.