The Alpha's Emo ((boyxboy)) ((COMPLETED.))

The Alpha's Emo ((boyxboy)) ((COMPLETED.))

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Get that reference. By AlphaChick101 Completed

First book in The Midnight Series.

"Life isn't worth living anymore..." 
My wolf whined in protest at this, my heart wrenched at the fragile boys dark and hurtful words. 
"Axel..." I said quietly as I took a step forward. 
"No!" He yelled as he put his hands up in front of him to stop me, the many bracelets on his arms moving slightly to show the many scars around his wrist. 
"Axel, please let me in, please let me help you..." I said as calmly as possible as I reached for him again. 
Axel Rayne is just your ordinary emo boy that has a bad past and always wears bracelets to hide his many cuts and scars. 

And Roxas Bane is just your ordinary werewolf, who just so happens to about to become the next alpha of the largest pack within the US, The Midnight Pack.
*~Read on and find out!~*

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