Little Azul (Lesbian Story)

Little Azul (Lesbian Story)

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Azul is a simple Puerto Rican and Italian beauty. She don't take nothing from no one. If she wants something she gets it, I she needs something she gots it. She is not the average high school girl that attends Eastside High. Yes, she wears everything from crop tops and shorts to an oversize tee and baggy sweatpants. She doesn't let her 5'4 frame get in her way of dominating everything that she does. Everything is going well for the 17 year old boss ,but she is missing the romance in her life. Skylar "Skye" is a 6'1 bad mouthed baddie that attends Westside High. With her quick temper and hot-headed attitude. Skye seems to scare anyone that gets in her way. When Skye bumps into the Azul at McDonald's and is instantly attracted to the confident and strikingly beautiful young breath taker... did I mention Skye is a lesbian stud. 

But, Houston we have a problem Westside and Eastside are school rivals.

Things are bout to get Wet and Wild.

Everything is all pretty when skies are blue.

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Sammie needa get written up phones aren’t even supposed to be on u when ur on clock let alone on front cash 😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Mr5Eternal Mr5Eternal May 02, 2016
I fucks with Sammie 😭😵😪😓😓🙄😳😂😂🙊😭😭😭
AlexusNeal2 AlexusNeal2 Jul 29, 2015
damn girl you need to put some more parts like this in the next book about me cause got damn was that a good ass part.   fill in yourself or nahh on this part much.