Dear Jack ➳ A Jelsa Fanfiction #Wattys2016

Dear Jack ➳ A Jelsa Fanfiction #Wattys2016

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julienne By SummerSnowQueen Updated Oct 28

[ᴍᴏᴅᴇʀɴ ᴊᴇʟsᴀ ᴀᴜ]

Popstar Meets Fangirl ---➳ But this isn't your normal cliche Jelsa story...

Well, what are you supposed to do when all your beloved unsent fan mail to your celebrity crush gets accidentally sent?

Elsa Hale had been Jack Frost's fangirl for years, and she wrote a letter to the popstar almost every day. She was like any other fangirl- hopelessly romantic in fantasizing a life with their celebrity crush.

Nothing really special was within Elsa's letters, but when they got mailed out to Jack, he thought that those weren't just ordinary fan mail- but even more.

He was the biggest superstar in Los Angeles, a born singer and performer. All tied up in his carefully crafted picturesque persona, Elsa discovers things about him that just cannot be simply read in Wiki fan websites.

Can a relationship of a Californian heartthrob and a small-town wallflower survive in the undying spotlight of paparazzis and all the showbiz drama?

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- - Aug 28
I love how you always take cliche ideas and add your own glitter and pizzaz so that they're original!! This is why I love your books <3
Elsa is so me. I write letters to a person I really like, but I never send it. It's still with me. She is a hopeless romantic just like me. Daydreaming about love, that someday it will come my way.
YEDgirl980 YEDgirl980 Apr 18
Sweetheart please recheck the definition of fangirl again...
Juli15005 Juli15005 Aug 22
I jumped of the couch and 🎶now I am lying on the cold hard ground🎶 (not I swifte  I just couldn't take it)
- - Aug 28
That's the worst kind of way to die. Not knowing if you're gonna wake up the next morning, as your family members desperately try to shake you awake...
                              Wow, now I'm sad.
YEDgirl980 YEDgirl980 Apr 18
I'm on the couch right now😨😱😵
                              *slowly gets up from couch and runs away* IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!