Percy Jackson an Assassin

Percy Jackson an Assassin

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PercyJackson2244 By PercyJackson2244 Updated Jun 22, 2017

Percy after he and his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, broke up(on mutual terms) Percy doesn't know what to do with his life. 

But, one day while walking through the streets of Manhattan, Percy is confronted by a certain group of people who offer him a chance to do good in the world again, to fight for the freedom of mankind. 

And he takes it. 

Percy Jackson and Assassin's Creed crossover
Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson 
Ubisoft owns Assassin's creed

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WhiteInspiration WhiteInspiration Aug 15, 2017
I just thought, I was thinking, this is PJO and Assassins creed eh. Percy joins the assassins, what if annabeth is helping the Templars with this project?? 
                              Just a thought!
                              Good stories already!!
OrdinaryCoffeshopRat OrdinaryCoffeshopRat Sep 18, 2017
My literal dream car is a black chevy 67 impala and I make sure everyone is aware of it
HauntedBeautyFalls77 HauntedBeautyFalls77 Sep 29, 2017
OMG I could see him getting introduced to the Winchester Brothers by Castiel and then Dean mixing up their cars and Percy painting things all over it to mess with him. It would be hilarious!
akyri_skia akyri_skia Apr 12, 2017
Yeah with the hidden blades, assassin's creed is definitely out of the question
David_Furst David_Furst Mar 19, 2017
It is great need a break from writing a 1k chapter now I know the pain of authors having to write chapter that's more than 1k whoho
BunteGedanken BunteGedanken Jan 29, 2017
Great! Finally a story different from those where he's Chaos assassin