The Beauty & The Tragedy (Editing)

The Beauty & The Tragedy (Editing)

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DoaSnow By DoaDagny Completed

Sofía and her dad are poor, and because of that her dad is in drug dealing. He owes debts and when he can't pay his debts he is to be killed by Theo Strickland, the most infamous man in the business. He offers to spare his life if he can take Sofía with him and to save his life Sofía accepts. She sees nothing but the monster in him but as time goes by she wonders if he's a monster after all.

This was fanfiction but I'm going to change it a little and bring it more  to life.
Warning: Contains strong language and mature content :)


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s10888501 s10888501 Aug 27, 2017
I mean unless you want to starve most kidnappers would probably cage you up starve and rape and or tourture you in away she is lucky nothing bad happened to her yet and her dads alive.SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW HE'S A PRICK FOR WANTING YOU TO EAT AND NOT STARVE #CONFUSED
s10888501 s10888501 Aug 27, 2017
That's what I'm saying I would've let her I'm doing you a favor I don't have to feed you matter of fact I don't have to keep you alive.CRUEL IT TRUE.
s10888501 s10888501 Aug 27, 2017
Not to be races but why is it always the white girls in the movies or something that be acting slow when something bad happens?
citygirlsp1412 citygirlsp1412 Jan 27, 2016
Sometimes when we're ordered to do something quick, time got wasted with all those questions: who? what? why?, etc., js.  I mean when you're told to leave, just leave, y'know.