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Please (Newt fanfic || The Maze Runner)

Please (Newt fanfic || The Maze Runner)

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adriana By LivingInMoonlight Completed

Elizabeth finds herself waking up with no memories. She doesn't know her name, what she looks like, or her past. 

When she ends up trapped in a Glade with many boys and her being the only girl, she is up for a whirlwind. She has to become like the boys. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Everyday. 

She repeats this but something happened. Well, someone. She has made a friend in the Glade. He's the Keeper of the Fields and is Second in Command. He has a dark past that he doesn't like to talk about and keeps it to himself. 

She finds herself hanging out with him often, flirting with him at times, and they sit really close at the table while eating. She soon falls for the honey-haired, dark eyed cutie.

*Warning!* It is definitely not like the book! All characters (besides Lizzy, Max, and James) belong to James Dashner, the author of this amazing series.

I'm waiting for her to say "who am I" so i can comment "I'm jean Valjean"
Why does he just tell her that? Didn't alby say not to tell?
shutupteresa shutupteresa Dec 25, 2015
I'm not hatin' on anyone, but why they gotta take put the i in wicked? I don't see the point tbh
LivingInMoonlight LivingInMoonlight Dec 23, 2015
i took the 4 letters off of the movie and called it good :) @teenage_book_lover
teenage_book_lover teenage_book_lover Dec 23, 2015
W. orld 
                              I. n
                              C. atastrophe 
                              K. illzone 
                              E. xperiment
                              D. epartment