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Human! Fnaf x Reader: Boyfriend Scenarios

Human! Fnaf x Reader: Boyfriend Scenarios

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SJ By SillyPantsJackson Completed

 You walk into the damp, cheerful place to see children running, parents conversing, and those animatronics singing on stage. They always did freak you out, but you would have to deal with them if you were going to work there. Your mother told you to either get a job or get a new home, so you got a part time job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria as a night guard. Seeing as you never slept and it only being a few blocks down, it was perfect. 

You walked through the building towards your bosses office, smiling at the playing kids. Finally reaching your bosses office you knock as you hear a faint, "come in." and open the door.
 "Ah, you must be the new employer, (Y/N), signing up for the role of" he clears his throat nervously, "night guard?" You close the door and stand in front of his desk. "Yes sir, that's me." He stands up and holds out his hand, "I'm Freddy Fazbear, your boss, obviously." you take his hand in your own, replying, " Nice to meet you, you already know who I am, obviously." ...

Rikka115 Rikka115 May 11
                              I dont understand what you guys are srsly.....what do you mean??
Protection? Do I get cupcake shields, rainbow lazer beams, chocolate swords, a icecream helmet? Caramel chestplate? Apple pants? Wafer boots? I'm thinking about minecraft and sweets I'm sorry XD
Wait is the boss the real freddy? Or some weirdo named Freddy?
GOD NO THANKS! Actually dep- *gets cut off by some random guy kissing me*
The_Galactic_Nerd The_Galactic_Nerd Dec 08, 2016
Me: Oh, what fun....
                              Animotronics: You don't like us?
                              Me: Well, y'all  creepy but cool!!
                              Animotronics: Yay!!!!
                              Me: (nervous laugh)
GirlGamer152 GirlGamer152 Oct 25, 2016
Oh cool! Killer animatronics are only a few blocks from my house! Awesome! XD