A Little thing Called Magic

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We go by many names... one of them is.... The TG Girls By theeyecatchers Updated 2 years ago
You know how it's very hard to meet the perfect guy for you? Well, what if a magic ring existed as the solution? Angel, Elizabeth, Artemis, and Claire found a mysterious ring and suddenly, they each encounter four very hot guys. Unaware of the ring's magic, they get into all sorts of crazy situations at school and experience the wonders of love... but will they ever find out the magic of the beautiful ring? Will they hang on to love as soon as they found out about its beguiling world? Or will they let go if they encounter all the different debacles and happiness that the ring brought them. And will they all survive a little thing called magic?
Emo means self harm. Goth means quote on quote the whole dark clothing dark eyeliner dark color dark look thing.
this is the first story that i read in wattpad and i love it so much!!! i have a 3 friends also i relate much with the story... :))
artemis and i have Percy in common . but i love angel's choice of boys.
I love the concept of the story it's really amazingly awesome, super sweet, totally tubular, good and great. Keep up the good work!!!
@theeyecatchers oh my gosh i know! im dying to read it, gonna force my dad to drive me and get it ;D
@theeyecatchers Hahaha you guys have got to uploas soooon :D Gahh I love thi story! and I cant wait for the Mark of Athena either! <3