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Illegal Love {a teacher/student love affair}

Illegal Love {a teacher/student love affair}

75.6K Reads 575 Votes 17 Part Story
Sadie Jaspers By trishi4u Updated Nov 14, 2010

Why all prohibited things are the ones we can't avoid?

 Lynn Sanders, a teenage highschool girl who always wants to have everything, but she is poor, and  she envies her classmates who are always in style; and she, always out. In order to feed her brat, she makes something she must not do. What can Mr. Teddy do to keep Lynn out of this dilemma?

  • affair
  • forbidden
  • huhuhu
  • illegal
  • jack
  • jackie
  • love
  • lynn
  • murphy
  • peer
  • poverty
  • pressure
  • prohibited
  • proscriptive
  • prostitution
  • relationship
  • sanders
  • story
  • student
  • teacher
  • teddy
  • teen
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