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Ticci Toby x Reader

Ticci Toby x Reader

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Ellis By xXBlueKitteh12345 Completed

 A/N~ please read the description to the book to understand your character a bit more. It'll be pretty helpful.

You lay on your bed listening to the Ticci Toby creepypasta for the 100th time. "*sigh* If only creepypastas were real," you whispered as you sat up with your phone in hand. As you stretched you got off of the creepypasta reading and put on My Chemical Romance. There was a slight squeak of something being rubbed against glass, and you looked over to see your best friend pressing his/her face on the window. You giggled at the sight and walked over to the window, he/she was the only person really able to make you laugh. "Hey (Bff/N)," you whispered. "Hmm, MCR I see. Listening to them without me? How dare you," (Bff/N) said cheerfully. "Yep," you said. "Are you gonna let me in or just let me sit outside and talk to you through glass?" (Bff/N) said. "Oops," you said while struggling to open the window. After the window was finally opened (Bff/N) crawled through the window and la...

Antlerca Antlerca Apr 12
Everyone has best friends who are in to creepypasta to, and I'm like:
                              "Probably the only one in county who knows about it. Yay."
- - Aug 04, 2016
I honestly listen to stuff all the time. Whether it be music, or creepypasta, or homestuck, I'll listen to it, mainly because I HATE silence.
                              Right now I'm listening to 'shifting gears by jskee.'
OhhitsSammy OhhitsSammy Nov 23, 2016
My life mate wth I never say mate the first sign of phandomidis cure the amazing book is not on fire bleech
timberbloodymoonCP timberbloodymoonCP Oct 09, 2016
Thats me XD i wish creepy pastas were real i keep telling my self i will see one one day im not gunna give up looking IDC WAT PPL SAY IM TIMBER BLOODY MOON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IM A CREEPY PASTA
Um t-their is no discription *crack*.....ohhhh I get it....w-well played *tic*
When you don't have a best friend so you just sit there and try to think of a name.