Being His Mate ✔️

Being His Mate ✔️

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{I am totally rewriting this book. I wrote it when I was like 12 which seems like forever ago. There are so many mistakes in this book so instead of going back and fixing everything I'm just gonna completely rewrite the book. In someways its still the same. In others its completely different it will also be longer and better written. Read this one if you want i just wanted to warn you before hand.}

Alexandra or Alex Green is 17 and a rogue, on the run with her sister. Her brother was taken when she was 3 and her parents are dead. Why is all this happening you ask? The Silver Moon Pack that's why.

She was beaten, raped, and claimed by some one who's not her mate.

Caden Williams is the 18 yearold soon-to-be alpha of the Dark Moon Pack. His parents were killed by rogues leaving his uncle alpha. He also has a sister that he adores. But he's meatless. 

So what happens when they meet & find our there mates? Can Caden protect her from John? Can he save her from the one who took it all?

She's his Sunshine. He's her Knight. A love story. A dark past. And adventure of a lifetime. 

All in BHM

babegirl1221 babegirl1221 Apr 14, 2015
I love the book so much its not even funny lol best ever♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥❇❇♥❇♥❇♥❇♥❇♥❇♥❇♥❇♥❇