Rule One// c.h

Rule One// c.h

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"You two are so fucking annoying!" I screamed slamming my bedroom door shut.

"Back at you sweetheart!" Calum called from outside my room. My brother snickered and I could hear the slapping of hands as they did their signature handshake. I let out a small scream of frustration as I flopped back down onto my bed and pulled my knees into my chest. My fucking brother and his fucking annoying best friend were always ruining my fucking day.


"Come on kitten, kiss me like you mean it."

"Fuck off Calum."


He was my brothers best friend our rule was; he couldn't touch my friends and I couldn't touch his but how could I stay away from a boy like Calum.

fatimam1106 fatimam1106 Aug 25
oh shït girl, just buckle up and stay safe. this is going to be a dangerous ride
I've never read anything that sounded so much like me before oh my god
lrwiin lrwiin Aug 12
My older brother and my neighbor did this once to my neighbors older sister... We were like 7-10 omg. I'm pretty sure we took a Polaroid of them too
babe_cal babe_cal Aug 16
is it bad that I've literally read this about six times and still get startled by this