Rule One// c.h

Rule One// c.h

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Justine Marie By Justeen_96 Completed

"You two are so fucking annoying!" I screamed slamming my bedroom door shut.

"Back at you sweetheart!" Calum called from outside my room. My brother snickered and I could hear the slapping of hands as they did their signature handshake. I let out a small scream of frustration as I flopped back down onto my bed and pulled my knees into my chest. My fucking brother and his fucking annoying best friend were always ruining my fucking day.


"Come on kitten, kiss me like you mean it."

"Fuck off Calum."


He was my brothers best friend our rule was; he couldn't touch my friends and I couldn't touch his but how could I stay away from a boy like Calum.

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uhhhbianka uhhhbianka Feb 26
lol i wanted to look at the comments hoping i wouldn’t see cringey panic! references but
okay but my dad would ground me for the rest of my life if i said that to him skskdj
LustfulLarry LustfulLarry Dec 04, 2017
y’all are all going on about jake paul but i’m here like jake from state farm is where it’s at smh
delusionalhood delusionalhood Dec 02, 2017
‘hey look at that girl crying i bet she’s PMSING’
                              “no my grandpa just died!”
                              ‘PMS PMS’
zaynmaliksgirl1997 zaynmaliksgirl1997 Oct 31, 2017
Awwww I was hoping her brother would be Mikey Luke or Ashton..  :(
multi-babe multi-babe Apr 17
if I had a dime every time I’ve read fúckin I’d be able to but ice cream