The Son of Wolves (A Grey Wolves Series Fanfic)

The Son of Wolves (A Grey Wolves Series Fanfic)

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20 years after the war with a powerful witch, and the defeat of an evil fae, life was...calm but the greatest challenge the paranormal world had to face was yet to come.

I'm Crystal Waters. I know, great name. It sounds like a brand of water; only my name was the least of my worries.
 My life was what you would call perfect: I had a great family. I had many friends and liked by pretty much everyone. I even had a date to my senior homecoming with the cutest and smartest guy at school.
But my life took a drastic turn when I decided to walk to school one day . 
One second I was walking and the next a tall, beautiful girl with the whitest hair I've ever seen popped out of nowhere and transported me into the mountains on the other side of the world. 
I was  told I had special powers and a werewolf mate to find. I was going to help many werewolves only I carried a dark secret.
I didn't want any of this but now I'm stuck in the most paranormal, controversial argument anyone's ever seen and I'm meeting a strange, amazingly hot wolf in the woods. 
What's a girl to do?

You don't need to have read the Grey Wolves series to read this fanfic and know what's going on. 
It's a brand new story that I hope you read and like!

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