Taking My Heart (Kid Lucas / Lucas Coly Love Story )

Taking My Heart (Kid Lucas / Lucas Coly Love Story )

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Jasmonae By _ItsJasmonae Completed

There are three rules you need to follow in order to live and survive in Harlem 

Rule 1 : Never look at Gang Member in the eyes. Why? Because it's a possibility that you'll might get shot or beating up real bad.

Rule 2 : Mind your own bussiness

Rule 3 : Stay away from LUCAS COLY !!

                              Get it?
Know damn well yall ain't no blood or crip so sit tf down.. Can't even do the damn gang signs 💀💯
a3domino a3domino Apr 11
Yall know damn well your mama would whoop your asses if she saw these comments 💀
Y'all saying some💙💙🔵🔵and🔴🔴🅱🅱 when I'm like I AINT NO GANG BANGER NOW GO TO SLEEP
YonnaTheCreator YonnaTheCreator Aug 21, 2016
Y'all fried😂 Its bloods on the watch & crips too don't get shot
kaybear04gold kaybear04gold Jul 26, 2016
🔴🔺🔻❗️🅱🅱♦️👌🏾. Let me stop before I get shot please don't shoot me