♫Wonderful Days♫Prince of tennis♫Hyotei♫

♫Wonderful Days♫Prince of tennis♫Hyotei♫

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Sakura Ranfa is a straightforward girl who will point out the idiocy of people as she sees it and is not afraid to tell people what she feels about it. Her right-in-your-face attitude is not everybody's cup of tea and she's often mistaken for being nasty, especially with the girls.

When the girl's tennis club captain refuse to let her join the club, Ranfa decides to become the manager of the boy's tennis club to rub the female captain's face in.

It sounds like a dream come true but the reality is far from a dream! The boys don't make her job easy at all! Despite her uneasy job, she finds herself enjoying tennis with them...

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NidsonjyahoocomNj201 NidsonjyahoocomNj201 Jun 18, 2017
Yes yes at least someone understands me who dates in middle school, you ask your parents to drive u. And how do you fuckin cheat you 'hold' hands with another girl soooooo imature
Nighthawk2015 Nighthawk2015 May 09, 2017
She sounds a lot like me. I would definitely say something like that. XD
FalconTail FalconTail Apr 09, 2016
If we had ask a normal person what this meant, they wouldn't have understood 😂
                              We Otakus know much more (Thought of Kirito as I wrote this)
xAquax347 xAquax347 Mar 21, 2015
POT FAN RIGHT HERE!!!!! Oh and don't forget about KNB too!!! Lol haiiiii!!!
princessrroxas princessrroxas Dec 30, 2014
so cute!! is this a new story? I can't wait for the next update :) I'm so loving the attitude of Sakura, pls update soon!!!