Prophecies (Book 2 in Young Mate Series)

Prophecies (Book 2 in Young Mate Series)

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Shania By shania_nia Completed

It has been 2 years since Blake and Aria finally defeated Vincent and his rogue team. They have moved to their new pack Red Dawn Pack, ruling as True Alphas. Everything seems quiet and content.....for now! 

There is a dark storm brewing in the Shadows. They may have defeated Vincent but, they didn't defeat his accomplice!!! Join Blake and Aria as they take on their new rules and uncover more of this Prophecy!

*This is book 2 in My young mate series. I would suggest you read "My Young Mate" Book 1 first or you will be really confused. Thank you!*

NadHadCad NadHadCad Jun 04, 2016
i will start crying if bella and stark are bella is so nice but stark seems like an ass for now
LetterFromThePast LetterFromThePast Sep 19, 2016
I knew she was going to be his mate the first time Blake mentioned him (first book)
NadHadCad NadHadCad Jun 04, 2016
wow my guess was right but ummm stark seems nice so i ain't gonna cry hehehehe
shania_nia shania_nia May 02, 2015
@Alexanderia26 Thanks. I also made a third book after this one. So you have alot more to go!!! I'm really glad you like the book! I hope you like the sequel just as much and maybe even more!!!
shania_nia shania_nia Dec 27, 2014
@That_book_freak Thank you! I have compared the 2 before I have improved!
XhollyryanX XhollyryanX Dec 27, 2014
I am still utterly shocked and happy at how far you've grown as a writer!! Like, read your first chapter of your first book and compare it to this. I haven't done it yet, but I know there will be vast improvement.
                              This is amazing, and it's truly incredible. Your doing great!