One Option ( Levi X Reader)

One Option ( Levi X Reader)

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What happens when your best friend is in love with someone who you also love? What would you feel? You only have 3 options 

1. Accept it which is giving him away for her.

2. Don't talk to them for the rest of your life.

3. Apologize to her and compete for him.

Choose only one option. But remember that choosing any of them has consequences. Are you ready to face those consequences?

This story is a little dramatic and maybe less?.. accurate but please do enjoy :)

Am I the only one that hates Petra like I don't know why but when I saw her in the show I just hated her same with Lisanna
CaptainMel CaptainMel Jul 01
Ik y writer chan has petra in the story.. BECUS SHE SHIPS IT I MEAN LOOK AT HER PP
Omg I just finished reading it all and bruh the feels I cried like bruh, but like good job this was a really good fanfic like amazing lol
RedDevill15 RedDevill15 May 06
There is actually a catapillar that looks exactly like a loaf of bread, and it walks into snake hove and eats their babies.......
tn2walt tn2walt Jan 07, 2015
please update, I really like your story, I think its really awesome