Highschool: A Tronnor Fanfiction (boyxboy)

Highschool: A Tronnor Fanfiction (boyxboy)

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Welcome to Franta High! Location: Minnesota.

Troye Sivan is a new transfer student from Australia. Did I mention that he's sexy? But although he's ashamed of his skinny figure, girls still dig him. 

His first ever bestfriend in that school is Connor Franta. He's known to be the school's swimming captain, the grandson of the founder of the school, Franta Sr. and the son of the principal, Franta Jr.

The problem is that Connor is straight but he is slowly falling in love with Troye who is also straight.

What's going to happen if Connor confronts to Troye? Will Troye have the same feelings too?

Contains bad language and sexual content. Also, this is a gay story, if you have anything against gays, then I insist that you do not read this. Thank you, and enjoy reading.