The Odd One Out

The Odd One Out

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-And gay.

Combine all these ingredients and you'll get Kim Sung Poh, an Asian teenager facing racists and homophobes in his school. Throughout the years, he has lost his confidence and self-esteem. But when a certain boy crashes suddenly into his life, will he regain his lost strength? Or will he forever remain the odd one out?

Read to find out!

(Winner of the Grand LGBT Honour Award 2016 for Best Male Character in a Supporting Role and an Honourable Mention in the Most Inspiring Story)

theavxlon theavxlon Apr 03
!!!my demographic (in male form lmao) is finally represented!!!
nerdvamp nerdvamp Apr 13
"Hey, loser!" he should have replied. 
                              I already like Kim. He seems cool!!
Hello sir, I am Asian and from Hong Kong and I do have an English name.
v_silva v_silva Mar 29
My brother is of Asian ethnic and I remember my friends asked me all the time if «he's Chinese» or said that «he looked like a Chinese» and i just what the, first of all, he's adopted from Korea, and.. what? I'll never understand such people... great start, anyway!
This bitch
                              Just so you know, not all Americans are like this!
theavxlon theavxlon Apr 03
lol luckily I live in China so we usually tend to point out the white people (aka me because I'm half american half chinese)