the good girl , disneyland & me

the good girl , disneyland & me

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hello By hellopumpkincake Updated Jan 27

I mean we all have done stupid things before but have you ever got drunk in disneyland, handcuffed & have to put up with the bad boy's obnoxious behavior all the time ? 

| characters  : ethan + chloe|

ethan :
typical player √
bad boy √
killer looks √

chloe :
typical good girl √
nerdy glasses √
beautiful √

two polar opposites
chloe doesn't fit in ethan's world
ethan doesn't fit in chloe's world

| rough plot + description |

when ethan first moves into the house beside chloe and with their two polar opposite personalities, it's a miracle they didn't kill each other. people say that good girl always falls for the bad boy but ethan has his secrets - secrets he isnt willing to share, he locks his heart away and goes through girls like using water. 

the pair unexpectedly grow closer and realize that they might actually have much more in common.

chloe, on her new-found mission to break down the walls he spent years building up might just realize that it might just be mission impossible. 

getting drunk in disneyland, handcuffed and having to put up with his obnoxious behavior might just make chloe re-think, is he worth it ?

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