His Personal Assistant

His Personal Assistant

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Author's Note:

Hi my little subs! I'm so sorry, it's taken me a long time to start this book, I've had some writer's block trying to come up with a story line. But here you go! Enjoy!


His Personal Assistant - Prologue 

"Over my lap, now." He growled, grabbing my arm roughly and pulling me towards him. I lied my stomach over his knees, as he grabbed my hair and pulled it roughly, whispering in my ear seductively.

"You wore that short skirt and and that tight shirt that shows you're lovely cleavage to show all of the men in our office, right? Well, they don't need to be seeing whats mine." He emphasized, pulling up my skirt, rubbing my cheeks, after he let go of my hair.

"Tell me, Jade, were you trying to be a bad girl?" He asked me, smacking each of my cheeks once.

"N-no sir." I stuttered, obviously lying. 

"I don't tolerate liars, Jade. Count." 


Jade is 21 and living in Manhattan who's in need of a job. She meets ...