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          Naruto sat on the the tree branch looking at the enemy. His friends stood behind him silently worrying. He told them that he wasn't raped so they all wondered who got Naruto Uzumaki pregnant. He knew the news of the bastard jinchūriki getting pregnant would spread like wild fire after this. How did this happen? Why is this even possible? Warm tears flowed down his face and he hopped up and fled. They were judging him. He just knew it. Running past them he ran as far as his feet could take him. They chased after him. Why did they want to interfere so much? It was a long time ago. A very long time ago. Running off in a random direction he was met with black flames. Stopping the rest of his squad caught up with him.

"Naruto you owe us answers," Kakashi said snatching him by his arm and something felt ablaze in his shoulder

"I owe you nothing," Naruto snapped

"You have a three year old by someone. This is dangerous," Yamato said and Naruto snatched his arm away from Kakashi an...

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Coldcelestial Coldcelestial Jun 14, 2017
Boy if you Don't stop updating this book I will stalk you and force you to finish the rest of this book
                              Plz I love this book keep updating
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This is such a good book I love it so much I am going to keep on reading and enjoy this book bye everybody and have a good day and bye the way my name is Nadia and nice to meet you
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Can we talk about this family photo that is just the epicness of perfection!!!???