Angels Don't Cry (BWWM)

Angels Don't Cry (BWWM)

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Valeria Patterson is the IT woman. She has everything: the looks, the brains, and not to mention the countless billions of dollars she owns. She's been grinding to get where she is since the young age of 14 after her parents and uncle are killed in a car crash, her Aunt Ivy and herself are the only survivors. Since then Valeria has seen her Aunt Ivy struggle to make ends meat when she takes it upon herself to support what family she has left. Her high intelligence allowed her to invest in stocks with the money she's earned working her average high school jobs and before she could process it she was in the millions. Now 12 years later and waist deep into money and business, her life is everything she has created it to be. Still....she just can't seem to shake the vivid memories of her family's death from her mind, causing her to be perceived as a cold and uninterested person. 

She ends up working on a investment with globally known billionaire Italian panty-dropper, Nicolas Roselli who notices Valeria isn't the one to fall for his romantic advances; one night she drinks a little bit more than she should have and ends up in the arms of none other than Nicolas. 

Her life begins in a swirl of drama and heartbreak as she figures out just who Nicolas Roselli is and why he has become such a prominent figure in her life. Is he the guy she's been searching for to bring her life to happiness? Or is he the one to make sure that never happens?

  • billionaire
  • bwwm
  • bwwmlove
  • ceo
  • interracial
  • love
  • luxurious
  • money
deniquepatterson deniquepatterson Apr 09, 2017
its_dah-lauren its_dah-lauren May 30, 2017
You're making me uncomfortable Marco. Like, what are you doing?
World_Stop World_Stop Aug 02, 2017
Im in love with this books already but I just want to tell you in the description you spelled meet wrong.
JontaeHarris6 JontaeHarris6 Apr 26, 2017
Be with me instead girl o3o forget niggalai whatever his name is, if only
polynice123 polynice123 Apr 23, 2017
she doesn't need to have a bad past to be like this. there's nothing wrong with wanting to deal with buisness oppose to giggling and getting personal with someone just because they think your so freaking beautiful.
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 May 23, 2017
Me right deya. If you want to pay for me go ahead. I ain't gonna stop you😊