I'm Justin Biebers mate?! Ugh. Can life get ANY worse?

I'm Justin Biebers mate?! Ugh. Can life get ANY worse?

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Athena By LuvMeForever Updated Aug 17, 2011

Heeeyyyy guys!!!! So I'm new to Wattpad(: but I love to write, even though I may suck at it most of the time... Oh well!!!!!!!!!!! You guys can suffer for that!!! *smiles evilly*

On to the story....

Ewwwww....... Justin Beiber's mate. Can life get ANY worse?

Chappie 1

My best friend Teal was running about her room, her brown hair flying behind her.

She was trying to get everything put together before the retched Justin Beiber concert tonight.

She went over to the mirror to check her make up.

Teal was a small girl with dark brown hair and wide, gray eyes. Her parents named her Teal because in certain light, her eyes can appear a tealish color. She decided she was good enough and turned to me.

"Aria... I know your only coming to the concert for me, but will you at least pretend to be having a little fun? For me?" she asked, unintentionally giving me a puppy dog look.

I grumbled to myself and got off the bed. I went into the bathroom and put on some make up, some eyeliner mascara...

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