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We Were Neighbors (boyxboy)

We Were Neighbors (boyxboy)

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Nepsa By booksiebooksie Completed

James Riley and Brent Mathews have been best friends since they were kids. Brent's dad passed away when he was younger, and Jamie helped him through a lot. Brent was the only one in the school that knew Jamie's secret, he was gay. Jamie was in love with Brent, and it brought him pain when he knew Brent was happy with girls, but what happens when Jamie's secret gets out? What happens when Brent looks at his friend with something other than friendship. Will the boys be able to stand their new lifestyle or will they be unable to protect it? What happens when Jamie's homophobic father figures out his son is gay?

Me as a mom. I hope my future children do this to each other just so I can react like this.
CharLok CharLok Oct 23, 2016
I don't even know if I would be angry or not if someone did that to me 😂😂
AbbyStevens0509 AbbyStevens0509 Nov 27, 2016
I hope your are better, and I don't think anyone is mad at yo, we are glad your back
SamyJo10 SamyJo10 Sep 27, 2016
This mom is not my favorite person and I barely know anything about this story.
SoNotMadeOfSteel SoNotMadeOfSteel Sep 07, 2016
Omg!!! Yes!!!!!! -jumps up and down frentically- OK!!!! I haven't been this happy in over three years!!! Seriously!! Who the hell needs a boyfriend when they have @booksiebooksie back in da hook in full glory and awesomeness???
SamyJo10 SamyJo10 Sep 27, 2016
Yeah, I would have just made up some excuse and gone home. XD