It's The Brooklyn Way

It's The Brooklyn Way

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Baby Badu By __PND__ Completed

Sariya Harris.

At seventeen, Sariya has seen more than most teens her age. With a on again, off again drug using mother, Sariya is forced by the state to live with her father, also known as one of Brooklyn's biggest kingpins.

Sariya must deal with everything herself, and there is no other way, than the Brooklyn Way.

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BabyJay4l BabyJay4l Sep 10
Lmaoooo aye get it gurllll u know u want u someeee drekiiiiiiiii
Perplexing_Mxrrii Perplexing_Mxrrii 4 days ago
See this is why the police scare TF outta me. 🖕🏾👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️👮🏼‍♂️
Yeah I see what you're saying but can u go to the house and get thy money you have hidden ? Or is it gone? Think girl. Ad take that $20
This is wrong but its way better than tasing her which would be protocol for in this case “resisting arrest, disorderly conduct aka causing a scene in public, etc..”
BabyJay4l BabyJay4l Sep 10
lol I remember those when I was little I had a smart mouth and I always got pooped cause I had no filter
GuxxiGang GuxxiGang Dec 07
Take the twenty, go to a pond shop and buy something for twenty that looks expensive and bomb asf and then sell it for $500. Then continue the process to get more money.