A New Start (Finn x reader)

A New Start (Finn x reader)

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Hi! My name is... Nevermind actually..... I hate my name so much. Why didn't my parents call me Ruby like they were going to??? Doesn't matter. I don't talk all posh like the Queen, but I am from Great Britan. Some people happen to make fun of that and I don't apreciate it. 

I am only here to entertain you readers. And also waist my life on my computer. Just like my brother. (Sighs) The good times when the only thing I did was go outside and play with my freinds. Welp those days are over now, cuz I don't have any friends to play with anymore. Yikes. My life is pretty pathetic don't you agree? On second thought don't answer that. 

I just hope we get along and you guys actually like me. I wouldn't be suprised if nobody read this. My writing skills are a little above average, but that doesn't mean that I appeal to everyone. Enough of me blabbing on. I will see you readers in the first actual chapter. It's ironic that I upload the Welcome!!! chapter two days after Christmas. Hmm weird. A...

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DigitalError404 DigitalError404 Apr 11, 2017
I was actually wondering, what songs to British people think of when they think of us Americans?
DigitalError404 DigitalError404 Apr 10, 2017
*flies over on pet eagle*
                              *silently throws tea in harbor*
                              *says fight me in American*
thicc_memes thicc_memes Dec 26, 2017
i alredy wasted my life on my computer i felt so much pain one time now i barrely cry, trying to regain the rest of my sanity
                              im a bee
as_mais___ as_mais___ Dec 23, 2017
Omg ikr I’m from Britain as well but I don’t understand why everyone is like ohhhhh tea and crumpets siiir
user92446618 user92446618 Dec 29, 2017
Hey I’m sure people will love your writing and my writing skills are like trash to some people but I don’t care
gothamloverxx gothamloverxx Aug 19, 2017
mate ruby is a nice name guess what mine is riley i just hate my name aghh