A New Start (Finn x reader)

A New Start (Finn x reader)

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Hi! My name is... Nevermind actually..... I hate my name so much. Why didn't my parents call me Ruby like they were going to??? Doesn't matter. I don't talk all posh like the Queen, but I am from Great Britan. Some people happen to make fun of that and I don't apreciate it. 

I am only here to entertain you readers. And also waist my life on my computer. Just like my brother. (Sighs) The good times when the only thing I did was go outside and play with my freinds. Welp those days are over now, cuz I don't have any friends to play with anymore. Yikes. My life is pretty pathetic don't you agree? On second thought don't answer that. 

I just hope we get along and you guys actually like me. I wouldn't be suprised if nobody read this. My writing skills are a little above average, but that doesn't mean that I appeal to everyone. Enough of me blabbing on. I will see you readers in the first actual chapter. It's ironic that I upload the Welcome!!! chapter two days after Christmas. Hmm weird. A...

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I was actually wondering, what songs to British people think of when they think of us Americans?
*flies over on pet eagle*
                              *silently throws tea in harbor*
                              *says fight me in American*
mate ruby is a nice name guess what mine is riley i just hate my name aghh
- - Apr 11
Don't worry British ppl are awesome I mean JK is from the U.K.  She wrote the Harry Potterz. She makes British people awesome.
My accent is British but none of my relatives that I know of are British
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍Ʋ) 
                              jake the dog and finn the human
                              i forgot the words its adventure time