Sold To Mr. Billionaire || l.h au

Sold To Mr. Billionaire || l.h au

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❝I know you want me❞ he whispered in my ear

❝Mr. Hemmings, I-I don't want y-you like that❞

❝Marilyn I see the way you look at me❞ he nipped my ear, started trailing kisses down my neck ❝say my name beautiful❞

❝Mr. Hemmings❞

❝No say my name❞

❝Luke❞ it came out more like a moan

I could feel his smirk against my skin.

❝That's my good girl, now what exactly do you want?❞ His voice was deep and husky


❝Then that's what I'll give you❞

He turned me around so I was now facing him, he grabbed my waist and pushed me up against him and crashed his lips on mine. He began undressing me and when we were both fully unclothed he smirked at me. 

❝I'm glad your scumbag dad couldn't pay me back❞

❝Me too❞ I smirked

He came up to me and swiftly moved us so he was now sitting on the bed and I was straddling his lap. 

❝Baby girl are you ready for the best night of you life❞

❝Yes❞ I moaned


My name is Marilyn McCall and this is my story on how I got sold to Mr. Billionaire.

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