sick ☞ dark h.s  [MAJOR EDITING]

sick ☞ dark h.s [MAJOR EDITING]

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« in which a man kidnaps a young girl »

gingerleila gingerleila Jul 24
Thank you for not letting me die in my own piss sir psychopath
bbabyggirll bbabyggirll Mar 25
Attractive just attractive......this boys face has destroyed my life
I think she's smart if she plays nice and whatnot she may have a bigger chance at getting away
I mean if I was ever kidnapped I would behave as Nicely as possible so the kidnapper could trust me into doing things and eventually I will have a plan to escape
He's threatening your life and kidnapping you, you ain't no bitch
gingerleila gingerleila Jul 24
He said while watching her blood slowly disappear from her body, leaving a dead shell of broken dreams and sadness