sick ☞ dark h.s  [MAJOR EDITING]

sick ☞ dark h.s [MAJOR EDITING]

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« in which a man kidnaps a young girl »

sarcasticharry sarcasticharry Dec 31, 2016
ofc you're crying like a bitch , hes so beautiful. so you neeed to let the tears of joy come through
Fangirlsr_cool Fangirlsr_cool Oct 31, 2016
Girl if you ain't gonna look at that beautiful masterpiece then I will *yanks out eyeballs* gimme those fuckin eyes
Ashur12395 Ashur12395 Oct 26, 2016
Me rn because Harry never posts any selfies. #beingaharrygirlishard
It's the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen. Mama rollin that body got every man in here wishin...
carmnivals carmnivals Nov 08, 2016
Why tf would you say thank you do yoU REALIZE THAT YOU'RE BEING KIDNAPPED
Fangirlsr_cool Fangirlsr_cool Oct 31, 2016
When I look In the freezer and all of the fuckin pizza rolls are gone