My Older Brother, Dick (BoyxBoy || Incest)

My Older Brother, Dick (BoyxBoy || Incest)

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Adelphos is infatuated with his older brother Richard, or Dick. Adelphos thinks of his older brother every night, Dick's lips on Adel's neck, his hands stroking him and his cock in Adel's tight hole, but one night when Adel's moaning get's him caught by Dick things get serious, especially since Dick decided to give Adel what he wants. Complete ecstasy.

As days go on the sex gets rougher, the moans get louder and it is harder to keep love a secret. Adelphos knows there isn't a lot of time until school will start again and Dick with be off to college. The sex is sweet but the love is bitter.

[Cover by: TamedKiss 
Chapter 4 is private ]

1Kpopfan_ 1Kpopfan_ Jun 28
Lmao tell him you need your space your a grown man you should be able to cum alone
Oh No you didn't! I know I didn't just hear you tell yo bro to stop!
xFarAway xFarAway Feb 18
Ironically Adelphos is Richard's brother but adelphos actually means brother in greek
Brunilda13 Brunilda13 Jun 13
How gives a fück what other people think, they don't matter.
Brunilda13 Brunilda13 Jun 13
Tell him you're trying to cùm and you need you're space . Lmfao 😂
Lol I was just reading this casually and then mid sentence I realised it was the thing and I was like wait what?? *SeXy Love by Neyo literally  playing in da background*