Goth and Prep Don't Mix!!! Dam Stupid Arranged Marriages!!!

Goth and Prep Don't Mix!!! Dam Stupid Arranged Marriages!!!

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Pinkperel By Pinkperel Updated Feb 01, 2010

Goth and Prep Don't Mix!!! Dam Stupid Arranged Marriages!!!


I cursed at the alarm clock as I swiftly threw it across the room. It slammed against my door and the buzzing abruptly stopped. I reluctantly stood and walked to my closet.

I've always been the type if person that didn't care what people thought if me. I don't care if the new 'in' style is Hollister and Abercrombie, I like Hot Topic and Spencers.

Black and blue are my theme colors. A few years ago me and my best friend Nikki decided to make theme colors for ourselves and get most of our clothes in the two colors. Her theme colors are black and purple.

Since it was still hot out I decided to wear a dark blue mini tutu, a tight black tank top with a see through dark blue sleeveless shirt. I straighted my dark brown curly hair. I've always hated my hair. I don't hate the color I just hate how it's really curly, I love straight hair.

I put a black and blue ribbon clip in my hair. Giving my self a once over I ...

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razorgrimreaper razorgrimreaper Jan 06, 2014
I really don't appreciate you saying its 'retarded' to cut yourself...
RebelCreatureBVB RebelCreatureBVB May 19, 2013
@tomorrowsgore I was about to type the same thig! Ill tell her what's regarded saying something like that
YoLoBABY101 YoLoBABY101 Apr 21, 2012
spoiler alert: no offense but moms a BITCH and the daughter is stupid if she doesnt tell anyone about her mom hitting her and stuff
BriBeeJean BriBeeJean Feb 02, 2011
It's cute but I'd like it more
                              if it were them both being emo/goth or the guy just being goth or emo instead of the girl cause
                              people always write about the girl being emo or goth 
bookworm28 bookworm28 Jan 20, 2010
Second to comment hurray! Keep writing, but please also continue you're twilight story. both of them! ;)