Relationship With My Brothers Best Friend✔️ (Rewritten)

Relationship With My Brothers Best Friend✔️ (Rewritten)

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"Leave me alone," I growl through clenched teeth. The last thing I need is Colten bugging me after he deliberately tried getting me in trouble. 

"No," he says. I try to push passed him again, but this time he doesn't take it lightly. Instead, I'm pushed against the wall with a debatable amount of force. My back stings from the sensation. 

Colten leans his forearms on either side of my head, his body pushed against mine making me bite my lip to hold back a moan. Why do I always feel this way around him?

"I'm not letting you leave again," he whispers, his eyes darting down to my lips then back to my eyes. "Not again."

My breath hitches in my throat as his face gets closer to mine. I don't even try to stop it this time. I let his lips cover mine in such a way my toes curl inside my shoes. 

Why him?


This is the rewritten version to Relationship With My Brothers Best Friend! I hope you enjoy it just as much as the original. 

WARNING: sexual content, explicit content, language and violence. 

(Book #1 of the Best Friend series)

-chingona -chingona Jun 21
it's a dress for when you go to your little cousins first communion not school he's right. but the dress isn't that revealing wtf and he shouldn't care regardless if he's her brother.
pizzaland- pizzaland- Jul 03
Cute but a lil much for school, unless you're doing a presentation for some beta whatever
MrsJakeFord MrsJakeFord 5 days ago
Heels to school?! That would never happen here in Sweden 😊
Okay so I like nikki and colton and jackson and brittni but my tru otp is nathan × prison
070930us 070930us 4 days ago
"Feelings fade when people change
                              I stayed the same
                              You played your games
                              And now we're left with nothing"
Aaliyah_J Aaliyah_J Jun 07
If he reacts that way about her knees just wait until he notices her ankles.