Voldemort's Daughter

Voldemort's Daughter

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J. Hiddleston-McAvoy By jasminehey Completed

Tom Riddle was a loving father until the prophecy came along, then it all came crashing down.

Morgana Riddle, also known as Morgana Blanchard. 

Morgana is the Dark Lord's secret daughter. After being home schooled and practically raised by Death Eaters for her whole life, Morgana is finally allowed to attend Hogwarts, under one condition— She must assist in the assassination of Albus Dumbledore. 

The only problem is, Morgana doesn't know that she is the key to Voldemort's return to power. Will Morgana defy her father no matter what the cost to save wizarding kind, or will she be pulled to the Dark side? 

Please note that this is not a Draco Malfoy fanfiction.

(Book One)

jadethejewel jadethejewel Dec 30, 2016
omfg i can't just not hate Voldemort now ughhhhhh so CUNFUZZILING
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Jan 06
10!!!!! This is where he really went when the angels stole his TARDIS.
wolfy7337 wolfy7337 Jul 03, 2016
I am crying, that chapter was deep to me bc I never had a father growing up. I love the book already
Kraizzykitten Kraizzykitten Jan 31, 2016
Sorry to be annoying but, when a new person starts talking, start their speech on the next line. This allows us to better understand who is speaking and also if the person speaking has changed. It's the correct way to write too.
fangirl__2002 fangirl__2002 Jan 30, 2016
Lol, I can't stop  laughing... Farty... Is that even a word?