Willco/Solangelo: A love story

Willco/Solangelo: A love story

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Gabriel Portillo By The_Gabe_Babe Completed

If you haven't read The Blood of Olympus then don't read this!

That being said, this is just another Willco/Solangelo love story. I didn't appreciate how the story ended on Nico and Will so I decided to write another story. I've never written a book before so I hope this comes out good.

About the Author:
I'm a 18 year old male. Chicagoan, born and raised. My name is "A Writer in Disguise" because i'm a little embarrassed to be writing fan-fiction. Hopefully you guys like this. I consider myself a good writer but i've never decided to write for the public.

I'll update this everyday. It starts with Nico and Will, right where they left off. Hope you guys like it and enjoy!

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shy_yet_confident shy_yet_confident Nov 13, 2016
I just came from a solangelo fan fix and Nico died I'm crying so hard. This better make me happy again 😢😭
SomeStrayCat SomeStrayCat Jan 12, 2017
I read the chapter as, "I Will" and was like umm ok that's interesting until I realized it was 1 Will.... please tell me I am not the only one whose done that.
_hamartithia _hamartithia Sep 06, 2016
*Hasn't read The Blood of Olympus* .................
                              *reads story anyway*
Amelia_Vale Amelia_Vale Dec 02, 2015
There is no dragging, you're walking by yourself. Gods Nico is such a drama queen
Amelia_Vale Amelia_Vale Dec 02, 2015
*raises hand* can I say a thing? In the series the infirmary is in the Big House
HeyItzNotHannah HeyItzNotHannah Oct 25, 2015
For some reason I Imagine will skating on a skateboard as he is going through the rooms