Dew of the Sea (On Hold)

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Lady in Red By SmilelyTaylor Updated 4 years ago
"Through the storm and seas, they live happily ever after together... Forever. The end" mother finished. 
    "Oh, please one more time, mother! Just once more." I begged with big puppies eyes. 
    "No No, dearest. You must go to bed, you have a big day ahead of you" mother said standing up. 
    "Fine... but promise me you'll tell me it tomorrow night then?"
    "Always, dearest. It's my favorite story too!" she answered reaching for the light, "Now goodnight Rosemary."
    I heard the ocean crash against the rocks through my shut window. Mother says my name, Rosemary, means 'Dew of the sea or The Sea' and ever since I was born, I can hear it talking. He is my best friend, but when I don't come out to play, He becomes very anger. His waves become towers, and he tends to cry at night. If I'm too far away from him, I grow weak but if I'm close to Him, I am very strong. 
    The story mother was just telling me, is my favorite and it's about a little girl. She is sixteen years old and lives in a Water Tribe. She talks to the water and is able to control it. I am not able to do that; instead, He talks to me and controls me. I know mother is skipping parts of the story. I can feel it, plus He tells me. I ask him to tell me the whole story, but he refuses. I need to learn those parts, and that's where my adventures start. 
    With one more crash against the rocks, I close my eyes, and whisper "Goodnight, friend."
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Original Idea. I like it. A bunch. Awesome. :) And your crazy personality makes it all the better. xD 
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Awww I haven't read a mermaid story before! Its quite cute :P I love the name Ben...:) Good job!
I really liked the thing with the ocean talking to her. It's really interesting. I think I'm gonna continue reading when I have time ;D
This story is amazing! Well the first chapter is great. There wasnt any errors, atleast I dont think. I was more interested in the story line the whole ocean thing is super co0l!!. Which is freakin awes0me. Im definately turning the page!
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