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Bellatrix's Daughter

Bellatrix's Daughter

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Fred Flintstone By ChocoPrincess106 Completed

Bella is the kind of child you hear about who's left on a doorstep. But Bella's not a regular child -- at age fifteen, she gets a letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There she might learn about her family, who she really is, and how important she is . . . oh, and help Harry Potter retrieve his prophecy at the Ministry of Magic, where she meets someone interesting . . .
Disclaim: I own no characters besides Bella and the orphanage characters

dementialove dementialove Jul 10, 2016
*bangs head against wall*
                              Bad Unicorn,  Bad Unicorn!  
                              I cannot belive I have such a dirty mind..
CassiopeiaBellaBlack CassiopeiaBellaBlack Oct 06, 2016
People who are saying: How do you burn water.
                              The answer is
                              Magic. Poof.
dinogirlrawr2654 dinogirlrawr2654 Nov 23, 2016
is Bella a prankster?
                              because i could totally see her playing trix on every body.
                              im not sorry
1amadd1ct3d2r3ad1ng 1amadd1ct3d2r3ad1ng Dec 29, 2016
I read 30st and now I'm laughing so hard my auntie is looking at me like WTF ik IN crazy but so what all the best people are
One reader: no.
                              Me: ARE U SIRIUS??
                              Reader: no. But maybe that guys is. *points to harry*
                              Me: *facepalms*
dementialove dementialove Jul 10, 2016