You're my soulmate?...And you're a what?!?!

You're my soulmate?...And you're a what?!?!

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Hey my peeps!! Its Lexurple here! This is my first story on Wattpad so.. yeah. I hope its good, Please comment,kay?


      I walk into the classroom. Everyone one's jaws drop,literally. I don't know what they're looking at. I'm not pretty and I'm very shy,which is considered wierd since I'm the governor and mayor's daughter. I keep my head low as I walk to my seat. Before I sit down..

     "Where are you going,young lady?"snaps the teacher,I think her name is Ms.Poppy. I turn around and look past her but still staring at her at the same time. "Come stand up here and tell us something about yourself." I sigh quietly and walk up to the front of the classroom. I keep my eyes glued to my shoes."Please say your whole name,your age,and two fun facts about yourself."

      "Do I have to say my whole name,Ms.Poppy?"I ask quietly. I was so quiet it was almost a whisper.


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Talana101 Talana101 Jul 24, 2017
Well Desdemona there is hell I mean you already have a throne there
- - Dec 27, 2016
All my friends say "there is no where to sit. "
                              There's the floor!!! There always the floor...
Candy_Sarcasm Candy_Sarcasm Mar 06, 2017
Wow there are a lot of weird girl names in this book.
                              I like it. It is unique
Lyssa_marie1023 Lyssa_marie1023 Sep 27, 2016
I say this to my friends I'm like THERES THE FLOOR SIT THERE 😂 it sounds a lot meaner then it is
Candy_Sarcasm Candy_Sarcasm Mar 06, 2017
I would sue my parents if I had that name. No better that I live in Alabama😂😂
- - Dec 27, 2016
At times like this...I wish I knew all languages😢😢😢