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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

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SHRIO SEARCH SQUAD By onlyshi718 Completed

Your walking home from gymnastics and your exhausted. You can't wait to get home and sleep. Then you feel like you're being watched, you just shake off the feeling. Then you walk by a alley way then you're dragged in. Then you see a guy looking through your bag. The other has his hand clasped over your mouth and a dagger at your throat. You feel hot tears rolling down your face, you close your eyes. Then you hear clashing and banging, then it stops. You open your eyes slowly only to see a shadowy figure holding his hand out to you. You take his hand, he hands you your bag. "um thanks" you say shaking. "Its okay your safe now" he says. You reach into your pocket and pull out your asthma pump, and take about 2 or 3 pumps. Then look up embarrassed. " Sorry but that never happened to me before" you say. "Its okay there's a first time for everything he says laughing. "my name's Leonardo. But call me Leo". " My names (y/n)" . " Here's my number if you need help" . "thx" you say blushing a l...

Biscuit_Maker Biscuit_Maker 4 days ago
Ally: *hyperventilating*
                              Undertaker:please excuse her she's weird hehehehe...
RaphsGirl2012 RaphsGirl2012 Nov 14, 2015
EmoBayleef EmoBayleef Sep 25, 2015
Pretty good, except it's clustered together. You need to spread out the words and paragraphs more. Add more description. This will be easier to read once you spread things out. :)
Pinkunoai_Akemi Pinkunoai_Akemi Apr 26, 2015
oh my god. I think I'm about to fangirl! luv u always Raphie!
LoveOfCake LoveOfCake Dec 26, 2014
And instead of putting "when you meet him (one of their names)" put "when you meet (insert of of their names)". Sorry it just sounds better
LoveOfCake LoveOfCake Dec 26, 2014
Wait is (y/n) like a human or something cuz isn't it weird that (I) am flirting with a turtle?