Scars l.s. [Book 1]✅

Scars l.s. [Book 1]✅

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Liz K. By qualitystylinson Completed

In which Harry Styles has many many scars on his wrists and arms, and hears voices in his head, and Louis just wants to help and possibly kiss all his worries away

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For a second, I though Liam said that. Bro. That was scary. For him, of course.
I feel this horrible pain in my chest when I read this. Like it happens when I get so sad. It just feels like I can't breath for a second. 😭 my poor baby
cheekymf cheekymf Feb 13
To be honest I don't care about my weight. If you call me fat than come close to my belly and suffer while it swallows you 0.2 secs.
cheekymf cheekymf Feb 13
cutting does help :( it don't help nothing my friend has this problem because everyone is starting rumors about her she is even lying about the way she looks. she catfishes because she thinks she's ugly... but I would always make her change her choices. SO DON"T HARRRIIEEE
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It hurts so much because of how much I understand 😭😭😭😭😭😭