Introducing a NaLu Fanfiction:

Natsu has been crushing on Lucy since forever. When Lucy faces great depression, someone else was there help her find her own happiness. Natsu wasn't the one to help her, though it was his greatest enemy, Gray Fullbuster, who has always been there for her, to take away the feeling of loneliness. However, Natsu didn't like the fact that Gray was her hero. Lucy and Gray have begun to date, whilst Natsu tries to get rid of the pain of lost. He eventually asks Lucy for a chance, a chance for them to be together. Will Lucy give him that chance?

(Author's note: It is completed)

Miss_NaluShipper Miss_NaluShipper Jun 25, 2015
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                              graylu moment is in the next chappie. be prepped for fluff