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Haru x Reader

Haru x Reader

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Llena Colorandez By ClaudiaVaughnRose Updated Feb 01, 2015

<Your POV>

It my first day at this school. I hope i can make friends.

"Everyone we have a new student her name is (Y/N),(L/N) Please welcome her" Teacher said.
"I hope we could be friends"
"You sit next to Haru,Haru raise your hand"
I saw a boy raise his hand as i sat next to him.
I payed attention to class and wrote notes.


It was lunch time and i took my lunch out.
"Im Haru i hope we could be great friends"
"Hi Nice to meet you"
"This is Shizuku,Asako,and Souhei"
"It nice to meet you Y/N"
"It's nice to meet you too"
"So when we all leave school we're heading to my place"
"Im not going" Shizu said.
"Huh Why"
"Cause i need to Study"
They both started arguing.
"Hey Asako-San are they always like this"
"Yea they both have feelings for eachother but there not dating"
"Oh I see"
They both stopped arguing.
"Fine Im Going"

~Skip Time at Haru Place~

"Hey Y/N that's Mitsuyoshi"
"Nice to meet Y/N"
"It nice to meet you to"
We had a small party.
When we all left Shizu and Haru le...

cinnamonbaker3002 cinnamonbaker3002 Jun 22, 2016
That escalated faster than anybody shouting 'Free Food' and me running to get it.
HeckButters HeckButters Apr 03, 2016
Lol. I just hope I dont have any work to do and hope something happens for school to come out early
Annikaisnotokay Annikaisnotokay Feb 06, 2016
Pffffft I just keep the friends I made already and I'm that one kid you see in the back if someone willingly comes up and talks then they will be my friends
poeticsadness-- poeticsadness-- Jun 29, 2016
0-100000000033873378283737263737282883747437282838833828288274372838.5 real quick
                              dont forget the .5
-NobodyIsHere- -NobodyIsHere- Apr 19, 2016
Me (Alexandria. Aka: my Oc): hey when I wake up, I also say random things.
                              Kūki (my OC's bffs name): yeah I know, you kept talking about pancakes...
                              Alexandria: WHAT THEY ARE GOOD~ 😍
Lets be real honest here. Who in their right mind does that because I know I dont