Haru x Reader

Haru x Reader

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Llena Colorandez By ClaudiaVaughnRose Updated Feb 01, 2015

<Your POV>

It my first day at this school. I hope i can make friends.

"Everyone we have a new student her name is (Y/N),(L/N) Please welcome her" Teacher said.
"I hope we could be friends"
"You sit next to Haru,Haru raise your hand"
I saw a boy raise his hand as i sat next to him.
I payed attention to class and wrote notes.


It was lunch time and i took my lunch out.
"Im Haru i hope we could be great friends"
"Hi Nice to meet you"
"This is Shizuku,Asako,and Souhei"
"It nice to meet you Y/N"
"It's nice to meet you too"
"So when we all leave school we're heading to my place"
"Im not going" Shizu said.
"Huh Why"
"Cause i need to Study"
They both started arguing.
"Hey Asako-San are they always like this"
"Yea they both have feelings for eachother but there not dating"
"Oh I see"
They both stopped arguing.
"Fine Im Going"

~Skip Time at Haru Place~

"Hey Y/N that's Mitsuyoshi"
"Nice to meet Y/N"
"It nice to meet you to"
We had a small party.
When we all left Shizu and Haru le...

That escalated faster than anybody shouting 'Free Food' and me running to get it.
GayForPocky GayForPocky Apr 03
Lol. I just hope I dont have any work to do and hope something happens for school to come out early
Pffffft I just keep the friends I made already and I'm that one kid you see in the back if someone willingly comes up and talks then they will be my friends
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                              dont forget the .5
Me (Alexandria. Aka: my Oc): hey when I wake up, I also say random things.
                              Kūki (my OC's bffs name): yeah I know, you kept talking about pancakes...
                              Alexandria: WHAT THEY ARE GOOD~ 😍
HARU WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WILL ALWAYS LO- you know what? Forget it...... Baka Haru..... -`//////´-