Forced Love

Forced Love

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st0rylover By st0rylover Updated Sep 07, 2015

Alison is a typical 16 year old, she goes to school, parties and hangs out with her boyfriend, Danny. 

After bumping into Ryan, a total stranger, her life turns upside down. 
He becomes obsessed..
--She knows she loves Danny, and would never leave him. But Ryan gives her no choice, threatening those she loves. 
Will Alison ever figure out how to get back to her normal life she once took for granted?

****This is a kidnapping story, one of love and romance but also force. It's one where the main character questions her love, her actions, her life....

  • broken
  • defiance
  • force
  • hurt
  • kidnap
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • rebel
  • taken
Life_Advice Life_Advice Feb 22, 2016
I'll tell you the honest truth...I like this book so far 😝
SiCoticSymphony SiCoticSymphony Mar 06, 2015
I went into this thinking it would be another poorly written hackneyed story like most of them are, but I was surprised to find one that was actually worth a read! There are errors here and there but if you re-read it you should be able to fix them! I love your opening and I plan on reading ahead :)
st0rylover st0rylover Dec 29, 2014
Thank you for the comment and taking the time to read, it really means a lot to me!
                              I will take your advice and start working on the next few chapters as soon as I get home!