Hazel Eyes (lesbian)

Hazel Eyes (lesbian)

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I met this girl at my own birthday party, She looks like a goddess that surpassed the great Aphrodite. But I hate her because she treated me like a 5 years old girl.

I'm riley summerfield, a popular rich girl. 

Today, Is my senior year and got really surprise when our English Teacher came in.

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hopium hopium Mar 28, 2017
am i the only one concerned about all those gifts she left back at the hotel? 😂
bluedro bluedro Aug 24, 2017
Are you going to download the rest of the book soon cause I absolutely love this book. This will be my 5th time rereading it.
Augustlove65 Augustlove65 Apr 23, 2017
I asked​ my sister what language did Filipino people speak she said filipinoese it's like Chinese
Wattmem Wattmem Nov 23, 2016
Filipino too! Damn almost all the books I read the authors are Filipino XD.
VauseAsprec22 VauseAsprec22 Aug 17, 2016
I'm also a Filipino 😁 Para sakin, parang si Laura Prepon yung girl na deniscribe mo, having a red hair and green eyes 😍 just saying! 😉
Marshy-kittens Marshy-kittens Feb 14, 2017
Not trying to be rude AT ALL, just trying to help, but books should be book.