Neighbors (Percabeth AU)

Neighbors (Percabeth AU)

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Annabeth Chase just moved to Manhatten, New York. There she meets her neighbor, Percy Jackson. Will they become friends? More then friends? Read to this story from Annabeth's POV to find out!

This is an AU (Alternate Universe) fanfiction! This means they are not demigods! Just normal teenagers!

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson! This is a fanfiction!

OMG that's pretty much how all of my conversations with my sister always go
Ari1270 Ari1270 Aug 06
I would probably fall, me being me the one person in my family who got seriously hurt from jumping over something
What? Sea green? Nope, never heard anyone with eyes like that
himeephi himeephi Aug 06
Um... San Francisco is actually very foggy most of the time so..
Hmm I wonder who it could remind you of. This is a though one😉