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Neighbors (Percabeth AU)

Neighbors (Percabeth AU)

150K Reads 6.3K Votes 21 Part Story
hi By wisegurrrl Completed


Annabeth Chase just moved to Manhatten, New York. There she meets her neighbor, Percy Jackson. Will they become friends? More then friends? Read to this story from Annabeth's POV to find out!

This is an AU (Alternate Universe) fanfiction! This means they are not demigods! Just normal teenagers!

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson! This is a fanfiction!

my sour pop rock candy is green. it made me get my sour face.
PawPrintProductions PawPrintProductions Dec 12, 2016
I feel the same, honey. It's all good, you can just join a fandom, it's basically the same thing.
Everybody: Persassy won't take out the trash it's an imposter
                              Me: Yes he would, if his Mom asked
So no grammar nazi isn't going to mention that the author spelled familiar incorrectly? Okay, you people are annoying anyway....  Jk
*eyebrows* Course' it won't. Because Percy will be there. Hehe.
Is bookworm a compliment? Cause my BFF said it is when I got called bookworm by the same guy that now calls me poncho. I mean it was only a few weeks of that VERY UGLY outfit choice. but hey we all choose outfits that we think are cute but then realize how ugly they are.