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kakashi's Daughter

kakashi's Daughter

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magicath By _jxlr_ Updated Feb 22, 2016

kakashi had a daughter, many years ago, but on 5th birthday she mysteriously disappeared and vanished from the face of the earth. she was, however, still alive. having inconveniently lost all memory of kakashi, she travels. looking for a village to take her in. and leaning powerful jutsu off forbidden scrolls, even having awoken a unknown power within her, Byakugan in her left eye and rinnegan in her right. when konoha finally allow her entrance, she decides to join the academy. unknowing that she would meet a very special man there

XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Sep 28, 2016
I think she was a bit TOO close to Sasuke. She caught the Uchiha disease "Gruntinitis" :/
iSarcasm iSarcasm Apr 12, 2016
Uh, if Kakashi's daughter is the same age as Naruto, then that would mean she was born around the time that the Nine Tails attacked...
                               Kakashi was like 14...
nextstep nextstep Mar 16, 2016
When he's like eighty years old he'll be walking around with his walker like froward with the power of youth pant pant I think I need to sit for a minute
unknownXanimeXlover unknownXanimeXlover Feb 24, 2016
Wouldn't it be better to not tell them they are being watched?  I mean your basically telling them don't do anything suspicious until they stop watching you
BritishGentArthur BritishGentArthur Jan 23, 2016
Don't worry that reaction comes by everyone when they see guy except in this one fanfiction the girl hugged guy and started shouting youth and running into an imaginary sunset
Hajime_Uchiha Hajime_Uchiha Jan 18, 2016
I have to be told to socialise with the so called 'world' *sigh* when will people understand that others don't want to face reality because reality is boring. Anime and fanfics on the other hand, that's at a whole nother level!!