My dads, best friends, son

My dads, best friends, son

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Clare Anderson is an average teenager.
She has good friends
She gets passing grades
She has three siblings. 3 older brothers.

When her dad tells her that he is letting his best friends son stay with them for the rest of the year all she can think is great on more guy to live with.

' What can go wrong with another cocky boy in the house...'


There is a rewrite to this story, basically because this one is just horrible, it has absolutely no plot, no storyline, and makes absolutely no sense. I apologize for those who have already read this. I don't see how you last so long. But please go ahead and read the rewrite, this version isn't worth your time. 

Much thanks to sariahjj for making this AMAZING cover.

  • boy
  • brothers
  • drama
  • friendship
  • girl
  • love
  • runningaway
randombutterfly_101 randombutterfly_101 Aug 04, 2017
I have 4 brothers 3 older than me and all teenagers who constantly have friends over and make me their slaves and have a 10 year old little brother😂😫
Dashlee777 Dashlee777 Jul 06, 2017
Meeeee! But I get to school about 6:57 to 7:00 and wait until about 7:25 I think until my friends finally show up. I sit at a round table alone until then.
OnuvaKhanam OnuvaKhanam 6 days ago
FORTNITE?😂 JK fortnite didn't even exist back then 😂😂
Asshole_Number1 Asshole_Number1 Jun 03, 2016
Why is a new kid starting on the last day before winter break
viqueenx viqueenx Feb 18, 2016
my life omg, still irritated when the clock is 11:00. I play it myself but at late night not early morning
spoiledsmartie spoiledsmartie Jun 10, 2016
…a wonderful person with a beautiful name that I can't seem to remember at the moment.